Quotes & Orders

Our customised products are made daily to order.

You can submit your prescription to us for a quote or processing by completing the form below. 

We match or beat written quotes for compounded items that are in our formulary where the same raw ingredients and compounding processes are used.

If you would like to re-order your next script and the prescription is held with us, simply upload a photo of the container of your current treatment using the form below.

Other ways you can order your prescription include;

- Take a photograph of your prescription and SMS it to 0432 884 111
- Take a photograph of your prescription and email it to
- In person. Come in and say hello!
- Call us on 03 9070 6272

Prescription refills

Although we are a compounding pharmacy specialising in skin health, we also provide dispensing services as a non-PBS pharmacy, at competitive prices. Our friendly staff are happy to provide you with further information in store or on the phone.

What is a non-PBS pharmacy?

The items we dispense are separate from those that are subsidised by Medicare through the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS). This means we are still able to provide you with your prescription items, however, cannot further subsidise these if you have concession entitlements. If you are unsure if we can assist you with filling your prescription, please do not hesitate to ask one of our helpful staff for further information or pricing.

Can I get my prescription filled elsewhere?

If the prescription your doctor has written is a personalised or compounded product, not available commercially, it will have to be made from scratch at a compounding pharmacy. Not all pharmacies are equipped to facilitate this and strict regulations are in place to ensure that when an item needs to be compounded, that it is done so by a trained personnel in an appropriate facility. Skin Plus Compounding Pharmacy has a specialised USP-795 laboratory room equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and trained pharmacists ensuring your products are made with accuracy and to the highest quality.

How long will my prescription take?

Non-compounded items: If your medication is commercially available and in stock, we can dispense it for you on the spot. If your item is commercially available and more specialised, we may need to order it and it will arrive within the next business day. Compounded items: If your prescription is a compounded item, we will need to make this for you fresh and on-demand. This may take a few hours or a few days, depending on the item. You can always reduce your waiting time by using the form on this page to submit your script or by emailing or texting a photo of your prescription to us in advance.